Ep. 127: Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael

  • by Andy Beckerman
  • on Beginnings

It’s time for Beginnings, the podcast where writer and performer Andy Beckerman talks to the comedians, writers, filmmakers and musicians he admires about their earliest creative experiences and the numerous ways in which a creative life can unfold.

On today’s episode, I talk to comedians Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael. As writers and actors, June and Casey have been involved in some of best comedies of the last few years. Casey was a cast member of SNL and one of the stars of ABC’s fantastic Happy Endings, and June stared in Burning Love and currently Adult Swim’s NTSF:SD:SUV::. The two met in an acting class at NYU and came up through UCBNY, and their latest film Ass Backwards, which they wrote and starred in, opened Friday and is currently in theaters around the country. Go see it!

Last week, Casey and June (and their publicist Liza!) came over to my sublet in Los Feliz to talk about bagel ogres, hair fear, worrying that you’re doing something wrong, bankers named Joyce, process-oriented kid’s play, love of office supplies, vulnerability, and getting the acting note: “Act like your pussy is wet!” And in the second half of the show, I talk to my friend, writer and improviser Beth Appel, about fear, especially fear of death and fear of being wrong.

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