Ep. 141: Brendon Small

  • by Andy Beckerman
  • on Beginnings

It’s time for Beginnings, the podcast where writer and performer Andy Beckerman talks to the comedians, writers, filmmakers and musicians he admires about their earliest creative experiences and the numerous ways in which a creative life can unfold.

On the last episode I taped in Los Angeles, I talk to LA-based musician and comedian Brendon Small. Brendon is the co-creator, writer, voice actor, and composer for the amazing Adult Swim show “Home Movies”, which ran for four seasons from 1999 to 2004. As well as doing voice work on a number of other cartoons including “Venture Bros.” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, he also co-created the hit show “Metalocalypse”. He recently released a Metalocalypse rock opera called The Doomstar Requiem as well as an album by his non-cartoon band Galaktikon. Both are awesome, and both can be purchased at brendonsmall.com!

Back in early December, Brendon came over to my sublet to talk about affluenza, injustice, being uprooted, Salinas, CA: The Shittiest Place on Earth, an idyllic childhood, Casios, overdubbing, faith and feeling, and fighting against the Earth. And in the second half of the show, I talk to musician Mike Pace (Oxford Collapse, Mike Pace and the Child Actors) of the Worst Gig Ever podcast about the worst places he’s been on tour.

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