Ep. 147: Mike Maronna

  • by Andy Beckerman
  • on Beginnings

It’s time for Beginnings, the podcast where writer and performer Andy Beckerman talks to the comedians, writers, filmmakers and musicians he admires about their earliest creative experiences and the numerous ways in which a creative life can unfold.

On today’s show I talk to actor and electrician Mike Maronna. Born in Brooklyn, Mike began acting from a young age. From 1993 to 1996, Mike starred as Big Pete on the seminal Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete and also starred as one of Macauley Culkin’s siblings in the Home Alone movies. While he’s acted in a number of projects since then, he fell in love with lighting while on the set of Pete & Pete and works in the Electric Department for Feature Films and Television. You can hear Mike along with Danny Tamborelli (AKA Little Pete) on their own podcast The Adventures of Danny and Mike.

Back in January, Mike came over to my Harlem studio bearing donuts from the great Greenpoint bakery Peter Pan to discuss 1980s headshots, unfulfilled crushes, firefighting injuries, child acting, the planet Lunch, large Irish-Italian families, karate, needing a physical object to trigger your memories, and existential fear. And in the second half of the show, I talk to my pal, writer David Hill of UCB, Grantland and McSweeney’s, about mid-life career shifts and union organizing. Two fun talks for the price of free!

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